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Motorists face yellow line warning stickers for inconsiderate parking

The town of Weston in North Somerset have come up with a new strategy for 'educating' motorists who park on double yellow lines or in disabled car parking spots without a valid badge, reports the Weston Mercury.

The guilty motorists will find their vehicles branded with large yellow stickers bearing the North Somerset Council logo as part of a new scheme launched this week. The stickers read: “Parking warning. Next time this could be a £50 fine.”

The stickers are not an official legal stamp but are being used in the hope they will highlight to motorists their incorrect parking choices.

A spokesman for North Somerset Council said: “When our community response officers are out and about all over the district if they see a vehicle which is illegally parked they will put one of these notices on it and they act as a bit of an education tool.

“The vehicle’s owner might not have realised it is illegal or inconvenient to other road users.”

The council have faith that the community response team will soon have the ability to fine in the same manner as the police.

North Somerset does not currently use traffic wardens - police officers are responsible for stopping drivers park on yellow lines or in disabled spots without a valid parking badge.

Authority leaders state they will be looking to introduce civil parking enforcement, which means community response team would play a bigger part in pinpointing illegal parking.

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