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Morrisons refunds angry shoppers over parking tickets mistake

Morrisons has announced it will refund angry shoppers who were mistakenly given parking tickets after visiting its store in Inverness.

After a new parking enforcement system was set up by the supermarket many people found they were given tickets even though they had used the pay and display machines.

Morrisons admitted there had been teething problems with the new system and said anyone caught out with a fine who had already paid to park will be refunded.

One of the consumers described the parking fine they received as "criminal", reports the Inverness Courier.

The shopper added: "The ticket said I had 28 days to pay £85 and that's half my pension. I went and did some food shopping then I met my daughter in the cafe, but I won't be going back there again."

Morrisons' new parking system sees motorists' number plates photographed as they enter the supermarket's car park. They are then automatically fined if they stay over the allocated time of three hours. Previously, consumers paid £1 an hour to park and this was refunded off the cost of their shopping.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "While this system is fully compliant with all regulations, we understand this is a different parking control system to what customers in Inverness have previously been familiar with and we don't want customers to be unfairly penalised."

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