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Midhurst residents await double yellow lines for 'increasing nightmare' parking

Town councillors have been informed that a residential road in Midhurst, West Sussex faces extreme parking problems following a traffic increase and new housing development, reports the Midhurst and Petworth Observer.

The residents of June Lane claim to have waited four years in total just for double yellow lines to be established, and say that the continuous traffic and parking is an "increasing nightmare".

Home owner Keith Drummond said residents' requests were being ignored, and that the latest concern was the "appalling" condition of a wall in front of four houses which he felt could be unsafe.

“I have been there eight years and after four years we are still waiting for double yellow lines and with the increase of traffic I can’t pull out of my drive because the view is blocked by parked cars,” he commented.

Mr Drummond added that new retail units located at the bottom of the lane had contributed to parking pressure, therefore moving the issue further up the road.

Four years ago residents asked for a double yellow lines extension across the front of three homes for safe access, but their request is yet to be acknowledged.

Keith spoke of his appeal to town councillors over the state of the wall and asked who had the responsibility of maintaining it.

Gordon McAra, a county councillor said the wall was owned by Affinity Sutton who were building the new homes: “If there is a problem with safety, highways officers have the authority to order them to do something and I will get them to look at it.”

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