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Measures put in place to combat primary school parking issues

Residents close to Great Waldingfield Primary School, near Sudbury, have been campaigning for some years now over traffic issues located around the school.

The continuous complaints state that Folly Road is suffering from heavy congestion due to cars being parked on both sides during peak times such as the morning and afternoon school runs, the East Anglian Daily Times has reported.

Headteacher Tina Hosford claimed different schemes have been introduced in an attempt to deal with the situation.

“We now have a longer drop-off time so not all of the parents are arriving at the same time to drop off their children," she commented.

“We have yellow zigzagged lines and have asked the parents not to park there. In addition, we encourage families to walk to school and have introduced a ‘20’s plenty’ speed zone around the school so parents feel that it’s safer to let their children walk in.”

Mrs Hosford states that the school has increased from a mere 70 students five years ago up to a current 140.

“The county council has closed several of the smaller schools like Monks Eleigh Primary and those students have to go somewhere.

“As a result, schools like ours are growing and the parents are not as local as they used to be so they have no choice but to drive their children to school.”

Colin Spence, a county councillor, has additionally worked alongside anxious villagers, the school, local police and highways officers in order to devise the most appropriate solution for the parking problem.

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