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Man in court fighting £2 parking charge

A man from Wrexham is in court for failing to pay an additional £2 car parking charge after he fell during a hike on Snowdon Mountain.

Franco Cargius had parked his vehicle at the Snowdon Mountain Railway (SMR) car park while we went off for a walk.

However, Mr Cargius fell and injured his knee and left to go home and rest his leg without paying an extra £2 charge for overstaying.

Parking Eye, the car park management firm responsible for the area, sent out a £100 fine after Mr Cargius failed to pay the additional fee.

Mr Cargius appealed both to the company and appeals body POPLA but lost his case on both attempts. Following this, he says he sent a cheque to SMR but received no confirmation of receipt.

As Parking Eye had received no payment from him they the case to the civil court, claiming that signs at the car park clearly laid out the parking fees and late charges.

Wrexham Magistrates Court heard that Mr Cargius disputed this claim, saying instead that the signs are misleading and further that the £100 fine was unreasonable.

He explained: “I have never denied that I owed the £2, but whether it was owed to Parking Eye or the Snowdon Mountain Railway, is not clear and my assertions were supported by the signage.”

Deputy District Judge presiding over the case QC Mahy said that her written judgment would be delivered within 10 days, the Daily Post North Wales reported.

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