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Landmark legal ruling over parking charges welcomed by Flashpark

Flashpark welcomes the decision by the Court of Appeal in a recent landmark ruling which decided that parking fees are a “commercially-justified deterrent”.

Barry Beavis was issued with an £85 fine for breaching a two-hour parking limit at Riverside Retail Park in Chelmsford. The centre operates a two-hour free parking service monitored by private parking company Parking Eye Ltd.

Mr Beavis claimed the parking charge was “unfair and disproportionate” and launched a Crowdfunding scheme to pay for his legal campaign.

The upshot of this campaign was the Court of Appeals unanimous dismissal of Mr Beavis’s claim. This gives unprecedented and much needed backing to landowners across the country struggling with unauthorised parking.

Along with the British Parking Association and other private parking firms, Flashpark has welcomed the news.

Managing Director Costas Constantino comments:

“Flashpark welcomes the High Court decision. There has always been a grey area in our industry that has led many motorists to ignore parking charge notices. The outcome of the case has set a strong precedent for our industry.”

While it can still be taken to the Supreme Court, the current statement in light of Beavis v Parking Eye offers parking enforcers and car drivers a much clearer perspective on their rights and responsibilities in the eyes of the law.

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