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Illegally parked motorists pay £260,000 to Rushmoor Council

Motorists parking illegally in Rushmoor have paid £260,000 worth of fines to the local authority in just over a year, new figures have shown.

More than 20 CCTV cameras were installed across the area by Rushmoor Borough Council in 2011 in a bid to clamp down on the problem of illegal parking. Motorists parking illegally in restricted areas were caught on camera and issued with fines.

Between 2011 and March of 2013, £259,549.35 worth of fines were generated by them, according to a report by campaign group Big Brother Watch. The group has said that the CCTV practice is “unnecessary”.

However the council has responded to these claims by saying that the cameras were installed following frustration from locals over illegal parking.

Over 14,000 parking tickets were issued in Rushmoor last year, and of that number, 22 per cent were based on footage obtained on the CCTV cameras.

Peter Amies, Rushmoor’s head of community, told Get Hampshire: “We do use a number of fixed cameras in our town centres to address safety issues and to deter drivers from parking in restricted areas, which can cause congestion and hold ups for other road users.

“We particularly monitor certain junctions, bus stops, disabled bays and taxi ranks. The cameras help us to take action against drivers who knowingly abuse restrictions and who remain close to their vehicle so they can drive away if approached by a civil enforcement officer.”

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