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Illegal parking targeted by police in Ely

Almost 200 parking tickets have been issued to motorists in and around Ely city centre as local police begin a crackdown on illegal parking.

The plans were introduced in December, when residents and local councillors called for action on illegal parking on city centre streets including High Street, Market Street and Forehill. Local PCSO Maria Robinson states that police are taking the problem seriously and have already issued a number of penalty notices. She said: “Since December, a total number of 173 penalty notices have been issued to vehicles that have been parked illegally within Ely city centre."

The local police are also working with residents and councillors to target the problem of illegal parking around local schools. By attending the schools at relevant times and issuing penalty notices, officers are hoping that parents and locals will adhere to parking restrictions in the future.

Mrs Robinson confirmed that letters had been sent out to schools as part of the crackdown, reminding parents of the restrictions outside their child's school. The current restrictions include single and double yellow zig-zags, which apply at the start and the end of the school day, according to a time plate located near each school.

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