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Illegal parkers 'named and shamed'

A teacher concerned with illegal parking problems at a Northampton school has begun displaying the registration numbers of offending vehicles on the exterior gates of the school.

Jackie Lapsa, head of Vernon Terrace Primary School, has also taken photos of double-parked cars in an attempt to highlight the illegal parking issues on the adjacent road.

Vernon Terrace Primary School is located on a narrow street with residents parking either side, and Ms Lapsa's concerns have been fuelled after witnessing a number of "near misses".

Ms Lapsa has said that she was collecting around six sets of registration numbers each week, but many of the parents ignored her pleas and were "downright rude".

Ms Lapsa said: "One parent told me I was doing my job wrong and that I should be getting a multi-storey car park built in the playground."

A spokesman for local Northamptonshire Police said that they had dedicated a large amount of officer time to the school, including regularly changing shifts to provide a presence at key points in the morning and afternoon.

Sgt Rod Williams, of Northamptonshire Police, has confirmed that officers will issue tickets when they feel it is necessary.

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