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Hundreds fined at Bristol Parkway

More than 500 drivers have been fined since September 2013 for illegal parking at a council car park near Bristol Parkway station.

Many drivers have complained of a lack of parking spaces available for commuters while work is carried out nearby to build a multi-storey car park.

The multi-storey, which will provide an extra 710 parking spaces near the train station, will be at double capacity once completed, and until then many drivers are expected to park in a nearby overspill car park. However, many commuters have failed to get a space and have resorted to illegal parking.

Dan Payne from First Great Western has reiterated that the railway operator is spending millions of pounds to increase parking in the area, but insists that illegal parking is not an option, saying: "[Illegal parking] has a big impact on people trying to get in and out of the car park."

He continued: "The only complaints we've received are from people that have got tickets from parking illegally and I have very, very little sympathy for that."

South Gloucestershire Council has recognised the issue but also maintains that "illegal parking cannot be allowed." However, a council spokesman has confirmed that motorists who feel their penalty charge notice was given unfairly are entitled to appeal against the decision.

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