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Guide Dogs charity calls for ban on pavement parking

Parking on pavements should be made illegal across the UK, according to the charity Guide Dogs.

Guide Dogs, a charity that trains and provides guide dogs for blind and partially sighted people, has called for a nationwide ban on cars parking on pavements. The organisation stated the practice should be made illegal because it is “inconsiderate and dangerous” as it forces potentially vulnerable pedestrians to walk in the road.

There is already parking control in place on most London streets which prevents vehicles from parking on pavements. A recent poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of Guide Dogs revealed that seven in 10 people now want this parking enforcement to be extended across the UK, while eight out of 10 councillors said they would back a nationwide ban on the practice.

However, in the survey of 2,352 people across England, Scotland and Wales, over half (54 per cent) admitted to parking on the pavement – 17 per cent of respondents said they had done it in the last week. Having to walking around these vehicles by going into the road is a risk for the blind as well as people in wheelchairs or parents with prams.

A different poll conducted by the charity last year found that nine in 10 people – both partially and fully sighted – thought that pavement parking was a significant concern in their local area.

Susan Williamson, who is completely blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other, told the BBC: "Stepping out to get round vehicles is really intimidating.

"It's a constant concern which me and my husband (who is in a wheelchair) face every day and it would be so easily solved by parking on pavements being prevented by law."

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