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Flintshire car parking 'could net £700,000'

The introduction of parking control in Flintshire could net the council more than £700,000 a year, if plans are approved by local councillors next week.

The county council has proposed introduction charges at 38 council-owned car parks across nine towns, causing outrage with workers who label the move as a "tax on coming to work".

However, the council has already reversed plans to charge council workers up to £260 a year to park at work following advice from workshops and council chiefs.

As an alternative, new proposals recommend that council workers be charged £100 per year for parking, with those earning below the living wage of £7.85 will receive a free permit.

The move follows the introduction of a pilot residential parking scheme in Mold, which saw residents pay £25 per year per vehicles to park outside their own homes. However, council chiefs have promised that the introduction of car parking fees will "impact on the availability of on-road parking".

According to deputy leader and cabinet members for environment Councillor Bernie Attridge, the new car parking has been introduced as part of a council aim to find funds of around £18 million in the coming year.

“We have modified the original proposals to take account of the main concerns raised during the recent consultation, and I would like to thank all those who took part and shared their views," he said.

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