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Flashpark announces innovative talking parking sign

British company Flashpark, renowned for its innovative approach to parking control, has announced its latest development: The world's first talking parking sign.

The talking parking sign offers private property owners an alternative way of communicating with motorists. The sign allows landlords to deliver a pre-recorded audio message to people parking on their land. The message can either be played by pressing a button or triggered through the use of a motion sensor.

Costas Constantino, chief executive of Flashpark and the inventor of the talking parking ticket, explained that one of the key benefits of having a sign that talks is to cut through the visual street clutter that motorists have become so used to ignoring.

The secret to its success is the electro magnet that caused the aluminium diabond sign to vibrate and talk. Similar to a speaker and its cone

He said: “Motorists are today bombarded with too many signs the vast majority of signs in car parks are not providing a simple message or can’t be read as the print is so small.” It also addresses poor light condition,

The audio pack is built into a regular sign and is powered by four rechargeable batteries which are in turn powered by a solar cell

Constantino added: “It is easily possible for advanced versions to talk to a driver through their sat reducing removing the need for warning signs altogether both on private property and the public highway.”

Another crucial advantage of an audio sign is the possibility of providing important messages in different languages. Even in its prototype stage, the sign's module can be programmed by the landlord to deliver its message in a number of languages of the owner's choosing and by changing the audio message remotely

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