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Final decision for parking permit charges taken by councillors next week

Kirklees Council will take a final decision on parking permit charges next week despite objections, reports the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

The Council is set to give one free permit to all permit holders, but at the same time introduce a charge of £15 for a second or 'specific' permit that will last until the vehicle is sold.

Households living in 160 residents' parking schemes will be affected, including those near Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, around Huddersfield University, near the stadium or areas where people have trouble parking and permit zones had been introduced.

Currently there are approximately 4,350 resident permits, 4,325 visitor permits, and 1,600 specific permits in circulation.

A total of 40 people were shown by council papers to formally object as individuals or by signing a petition against the formal traffic regulation order which would be responsible for the changes.

However, in the report for Cabinet, Kirklees commented: “Residents do not have a legal right to park outside their homes. Permit parking has been introduced in areas, where, because of a factor such as a hospital or university, residents have difficulty parking within the vicinity of their home for the majority of the day and have complained to the council about this problem.

“A permit parking scheme will not guarantee a parking space but will assist in ensuring potential kerb space will be available to allow residents to park on their street."

Cabinet members will hear the case for and against the parking control measure on Wednesday (12 August) and if the objections are over-ruled, it will occur from 1 February 2016, prior to all affected residents being contacted.

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