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Enforcement programme deals with 'inconsiderate' parkers

A car parking enforcement scheme introduced to stop ‘inconsiderate’ parking at a park and ride scheme in the West Midlands has proved a success, according to the local public transport authority.

Centro acted after complaints that parking at Stourbridge Junction railway station was forcing pedestrians to walk on the roads rather than the footpath and that motorists were continually being blocked in.

A parking enforcement scheme started at the end of September to ticket badly parked cars that were causing the problem. In two months, 135 tickets were issued. Similar steps at other stations resulted in 205 tickets being issued at Dudley station and 199 at Rowley Regis.

Centro said the message now appears to be getting through and there has been a reduction in the number of badly parked cars, the Stourbridge News reported.

Centro director of operations, Stephen Rhodes, said: "Park and Ride is extremely popular which explains why so many car parks are full by 8am on weekdays. But they need to ask themselves if they really need to drive to the station at all.

"Many people live less than a mile from the station and could catch the bus, cycle or walk, something which would not only benefit their health, but free up spaces for those who really do need to drive."

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