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Drivers fined for being outside too-small parking bays

West Berkshire Council has fined 142 motorists for being outside of parking spaces after painting under-sized bays across Newbury.

According to retired architect Stan Green, who has toured the town's car parks with a measuring stick, the parking bays were up to a metre short of the minimum of 2.4 metres by 4.8 metres recommended by the government.

Mark Edwards, head of West Berkshire Council's highways and transport department, and the county's traffic manager Mark Cole have both admitted the bays did not meet the recommended dimensions.

However, the council had since ruled out adjusting the parking bays or putting up signs to warn motorists that they risk breaking regulations, insisting that they will continue to rely on the "discretion and common sense" of the council's traffic wardens.

Mr Green, who found that as many as 90 per cent of the bays in Newbury were below the government recommendation, is now calling on the council to reimburse every motorist fined for not wholly parking in a bay.

He said: "It would be an absolute scandal if fines have been issued to motorists whose vehicles have been found outside a bay, when the bay was not the right size."

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