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Drivers face crippling fines as judge rules £85 'not excessively high'

Millions of motorists may now face spiralling parking enforcement fines after judges ruled that an £85 penalty was not an "excessively high" fine for overstaying a ticket at a privately owned car park.

The landmark ruling comes after motorist Barry Beavis launched a legal bid to overturn his fine, stating that it was disproportionate and unenforceable. However, appeal court judges ruled that the size of the fine was neither "extravagant or unconscionable".

The 48-year-old received the £85 fine in April 2013 when he overstayed by 56 minutes in a private car park at the Riverside Retail Park in Chelmsford, which offers two hours free parking.

A number of motoring groups have reacted in fury to the decision, stating that the ruling was a victory for the "parking cowboys", allowing private car park owners to open the floodgates for firms "falling over themselves" to increase already large fines.

Ian Taylor, a representative for the Alliance of British Drivers, has stated that the judges delivering the rule may be "out of touch".

"An £85 penalty may not seem much to a rich lawyer – it's probably less than many charge for an hour. But for the average hard-pressed motorist trying to make ends meet, it's a very heavy and unfair burden," he said.

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