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Drive to tackle Bristol hospital 'illegal' parking

Owners of illegally or inconsiderately parked cars both in and around Bristol's Southmead Hospital have been fined or given leaflets highlighting the problems it can cause to local emergency services.

According to director of facilities Simon Wood, parking around the hospital has become increasingly problematic since the hospital opened in 2014 following an extensive £430 million rebuild.

Inspector Mark Runacres, from Avon and Somerset Police, has stated that any illegal parking conducted by members of the public could block access both in and out of the hospital.

Inspector Runacres has confirmed that fines will be issued and vehicles will be towed if they are found to be obstructing an emergency vehicle from reaching emergency calls.

Nathan Jones, of Avon Fire & Rescue Service, said: "People fail to appreciate the width of fire appliances - quite obviously the van and car will be able to proceed through but we are going to have difficulty and obviously it will cause a delay and for an emergency it causes problems."

Mr Wood has also stated that any staff members caught adding to the parking crisis will also be reprimanded if it can be proved that they are damaging the reputation of the trust.

Southmead Hospital representatives have confirmed that an extra 2,700 packing spaces will be made available on site by next Spring in order to ease the parking problems.

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