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Derby City Council parking fees to rise by 10p

The parking fees charged in Derby City Council on-street and off-street car parks are set to rise by 10 pence from Monday 7 April.

The changes would see the charge for on-street city parking rise to £2.20 for up to one hour, while the parking fees at the Assembly Rooms would rise to £3.10 for up to two hours.

A report published by the council suggests that the increase is the minimum necessary to "meet inflation pressures" as the council attempts to find an additional £100,000 of income within the parking services account.

However, the report comes as the Cathedral Quarter board, made up of local business representatives, begin their campaign for the council to make the first half an hour of on-street parking free or offer a reduced price during a six-month pilot scheme.

The owner of Derby-based Bedazzled Boutique, Jolie Davies, believes that the increasing parking charges are reducing her custom. She said: "We get people coming in for appointments who pull up outside and call in to say it's £2.40 to park and they haven't got the change."

Chris Poulter, Conservative shadow cabinet member for neighbourhoods, has promised that the party is going through a "costing process" to determine whether more flexible parking charges are possible in the Cathedral Quarter area.

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