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Crackdown launched on illegal parking on A34

Staffordshire Police are urging motorists to avoid parking their cars outside properties located on the busy A34 dual carriageway, due to concerns that they are making the road dangerous for moving traffic.

Drivers who persist in parking their cars up on the pavements outside homes located on the road will be fined, police have warned. Posters have been put up to warn motorists – who park on the road to avoid the pay-and-display charges at the nearby University Hospital of North Staffordshire – about the potential fines.

Highways officers have also said that they are planning to ban parking on an access road off the A34 following similar concerns over safety for other vehicles.

PC Rob Dyble, who works across the Trent Vale and Springfields areas, told the Stoke Sentinel: “We have had a lot of issues with parking along the A34, especially opposite the hospital and Keele Medical Centre.

"We believe it is visitors or staff parking on the pavement outside people's homes because they don't want to pay the parking charges at the hospital complex. We have ticketed cars and put parking advice posters up in the hope drivers will be more considerate, but we need something else put in place too.”

The University Hospital’s parking fees range from £1.50 for up to an hour to £6 for four hours or more.
A hospital spokesman said: “Staff, patients and visitors who choose to park away from the City General site are asked to do so responsibility and show consideration to local residents.”

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