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Council installs 63 'no parking' signs along narrow lane

Cornwall Council has installed 63 'no parking' signs along a narrow lane in Newquay, working out at an average of one sign every 84ft.

The council has said that the notices are essential to enforce the road's seasonal parking regulations, which currently run from 1 June to 30 September every year.

Many local residents have questioned the need for so many signs, and local councillor Lisa Shuttleworth has confirmed that the council's portfolio holder for Transport and Waste, Bert Biscoe, also agrees that the high number of signs is unnecessary.

Following complaints and comments from the community, the local authority has agreed to consider removing some of them if they develop alternative parking management options.

A spokesman for the council said: "This is likely to require changes to the operational times of the parking restrictions in the village, and a statutory consultation process will be required and must be satisfactorily completed before any changes to signing can take place."

The council believe that this change in parking restriction operational times may reduce the need for the signs, but will not confirm that any signs will be removed until the statutory consultation process is complete.

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