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Cornish port to build new car park to ease congestion

Porthleven has come up with a way of dealing with its parking problem by opening a new low-cost car park.

The small port in Cornwall has three council-run car parks but in the busy tourist months it requires extra parking, leading to the car park solution. With the existing car parks either full or deemed too expensive, many motorists opt for trying to find free on-street parking, which causes difficulties on the narrow roads.

According to the Falmouth Packet, a group that was set up to promote Porthleven's tourist industry and boost its own economy all year round, the town is now just weeks away from starting work on a 75-space community car park. Located on abandoned land at Methleigh Bottoms, the new car park will charge something in the region of £3 for a day.

The car park is expected to cost around £25,000 to set up, with the money coming from a £100,000 funding grant courtesy of the Coastal Community Fund. The plan could also reportedly be rolled out in surrounding towns and ports of the south coast, with many experiencing problems during the summer.

Andrew Wallis, a director of the not-for profit company, commented: “We're going to keep the cost as reasonable as possible. The money goes back into Porthleven - it's not like it's Cornwall Council, where they have ongoing costs.

“We're trying to have some revenue coming in for community projects; it's about sustainability. There's no point having a free car park because we have running costs. It's about a balance of a reasonable price for car parking and bringing revenue in for community based projects in Porthleven.”

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