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Chip shop owner takes parking operators to high court

A chip shop owner is waiting to find out if he has won a landmark bid to banish "unfair" private parking charges in Essex.

In a landmark case, Barry Beavis, 48, of Chelmsford has taken on private car park operators ParkingEye who heavily penalise motorists for overstaying their allotted time in parking spaces.

According to Mr Beavis, ParkingEye imposed an £85 charge on him when he overstayed a two-hour limit by 56 minutes at Riverside Retail Park car park in Chelmsford in April 2013.

Speaking at the Court of Appeal, ParkingEye argued that the charges were commercially justifiable as a deterrent due to the central location of the city centre car park.

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, has argued that the case could prove to be a catalyst for a large pay out on the part of private car park operators from across the country. "Tens of millions of pounds hang on this case. If it goes in favour of drivers then there are potentially huge sums to be repaid to those who have been unfairly ticketed."

Following a one-day hearing, Lord Justice Moore-Bick, vice president of the civil appeal court, stated that the court would give its final decision at a later date.

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