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Cheshire police crack down on illegal parking

Cheshire Police have confirmed that they are paying special attention to the issue of illegal parking in and around the exclusive area of Alderley Edge.

The police told Alderley Edge.com that they had received numerous calls from concerned local residents over the last few weeks, all of whom had been voicing their concerns and complaints about the parking situation on Trafford Road.

Many vehicles were said to be parked illegally on the pavements in and close to the road, as well as being parked close to the junctions with Macclesfield Road and Chapel Road. Other vehicles were reported to be parking on the bends in the road, creating potential hazards for other motorists.

PCSO Sarah Stanley spoke to local residents about the problem and what the police could do to help. She also
issued 15 advisory notices to those vehicles that were parked incorrectly.

Ms Stanley said: "The advisory notices seem to be working as the vehicles that have been issued a notice have not parked incorrectly when the area has been revisited. The parking on Trafford Road will be monitored closely over the coming months."

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