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Camera car tackles illegal parking in York

A CCTV camera car has been introduced in York in an attempt to tackle the ongoing illegal parking taking place outside a number of the area's schools.

Funded by York Council, the car will patrol the area at pick-up and drop-off times, issuing £70 fines to any cars parked illegally from next month.

Councillor Janet Looker has stated that the camera was introduced following comments from local head teachers, who have expressed concern over the safety of children around inappropriately parked cars.

Jane Nellar, head teacher of St Lawrence C of E VA Primary School, said: “We all want our children to be safe; if this initiative saves the life, or prevents the injury, of even one child and makes drivers think carefully about where to park, then it will have had a great impact.”

York Council have confirmed that the use of the car is part of a wider scheme, known as the Parents' Parking Pledge, which encourages local parents to pledge their support against illegal and unsafe parking outside schools. Councillor Looker believes that the initiative will help further highlight the importance of safety around schools and encourage parents to look for alternative transport arrangements when possible.

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