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Calderdale postpones parking fee increase

On-street parking increases in Calderdale have been delayed until 2015, while new charges for ten free car parks have also been pushed back.

The Calderdale Council has recently said that new street parking fees would be in place by mid-November 2013, with new car parking charges coming into force in January 2014.

Councillor Barry Collins, Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment, has said that this change is due to the government's optimism that the economy is picking up, despite the remaining deficit between current and pre-recession levels.

He said: “With this in mind, we’ve decided not to increase parking charges across the borough until 2015, when hopefully our towns and villages will have fully recovered from the recession.”

Residents and visitors of Calderdale now have more than a year to park for free in the ten car parks in the local area, including Brig Royd, Royd Lane and Church Lane.

The increases for much of the on and off-street parking are now expected to go ahead in April 2015, but they will come into force this year in the Skircoat area, Halifax. This increase is due to the uncontrolled parking around Calderdale Royal Hospital, which up until now has been a concern for local residents.

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