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Bristol residents' parking scheme approved

A further area of Bristol's controversial residents' parking zone has been approved by the city council in the Montpelier area of the city as part of mayor George Ferguson's plan to stop commuter parking.

The scheme is due to go live mid-July and will run from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with the aim of allowing residents to park closer to or outside their homes.

Early in March the scheme went live in the Clifton Village area following a controversial campaign of opposition led by many businesses and residents in the area.

A council spokeswoman has commented on the effects of the scheme's expansion, stating that they will introduce up to four-hour pay-and-display bays near to shops and community facilities to allow visitors to continue using the area. She also added that the first 30 minutes of parking will be free, subject to getting a ticket from the machine.

The council has confirmed that Montpelier residents will receive the usual allocation of 50 free visitor scratch-card permits each year, with the option of buying another 50 for £1 each.

Montpelier will become the ninth area out of the council's current programme of 12 zones, and will follow the introduction of a residents' parking zone in Clifton East in June.

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