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Brighton and Hove tackle verge parking

Brighton and Hove City Council is cracking down on drivers who park on grass verges and footpaths throughout the area.

The Council's Environment, Sustainability and Transport Committee is expected to approve the plans and begin enforcing the illegal parking in the Mile Oak and Surrenden Road area.

Following the initial introduction, eight other roads in the local area will see an increase in enforcement activity for cars parked on grass verges and across footpaths.

Residents in the Mile Oak area have expressed mixed opinions over the new enforcement scheme, and those against its introduction have argued that verge parking keeps roads clear for buses. However, Councillor Pete West, chair of the committee, argues otherwise, suggesting that the Council receives dozens of complaints every year about the increasing problem of verge parking.

He said: "Not only does parking on footways and verges make life difficult for pedestrians, especially disabled and elderly people, those who are visually impaired and people with pushchairs or double buggies, it can also cause irrevocable damage to the pavements, grass, trees plants and wildlife."

The Council expects the scheme to be fully up and running by mid-November.

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