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Barnsley motorists urged to shift illegally parked cars

Drivers who leave cars that they are hoping to sell parked on council land across Barnsley and the Dearne Valley have been urged to move the vehicles or face fines from Barnsley Council.

The motorists have been frequently parking the vehicles on council land with ‘for sale’ signs stuck to the windscreens. Barnsley Council’s enforcement officers have now confirmed, however, that they will be cracking down on the problem, and have already issued 60 notices ordering the immediate removal of the vehicle in recent weeks.

Local residents have made numerous complaints to the council about the vehicles – which have been left parked on council land including verges, recreation sites and footpaths – and the council began a month-long campaign to stamp out the issue as a result.

A council spokesman told The Epworth Bells and Crowle Advertiser: “Cars often block the line of sight for other road users; some are left on footpaths, preventing safe pedestrian access; some are on recreational ground or overlooked by residential areas.

“There is also the unwanted effect of drivers slowing down to look at the details of these cars, which is a potential hazard for other road users,” the spokesman added.

He also went on to warn passers by about the potential pitfalls of purchasing a vehicle that has been advertised for sale on the roadside. “In addition, there is no protection for the consumer when purchasing a car from the roadside and people thinking of buying such a vehicle need to seriously consider the risk they are taking,” he went on to say.

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