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Banbury police and residents team up to combat parking problems

The Banbury Rural Policing team have arranged a meeting with residents in Cherwell Heights to discuss the parking problems in the area.

Residents feel Banbury Road is being used as a cark park with drivers parking their vehicles carelessly – such as opposite to bus stops, on bends or too close to junctions.

In the first four months of this year alone, 400 parking tickets have been issued across the town.

A consultation set up by the Oxfordshire County Council plans to introduce double yellow lines from Hightown Road to number 60 Bankside ended last month. However, another meeting is scheduled to follow up on the discussion on Saturday 19 July at 11am in the community hall in Avocet Way, Banbury.

Neighbourhood sergeant Wendy Percival, who has been trying to find suitable solutions since January, said: "We just felt that we needed to reassure the community that we are listening to their concerns and working with the council to resolve the issue long term.

"Individuals have been contacting us and so far we have responded on a one-to-one basis, so the meeting will allow the residents to ask questions and get the necessary information.”

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