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Appeals against parking tickets rocket

Private parking enforcement is increasingly being challenged, according to a new report from official watchdog the Parking on Private Land Appeals service (Popla).

The body found that there are now more than 600 a week appeals against parking tickets on private land, which represents a 12-fold increase in the last two years.

Some 23,500 appeals were assessed by the organisation over the year ending March 2014, with Popla electing to quash more than 10,000 tickets.

Popla spokesman Henry Michael Greenslade stated that the number of cases being decided has "grown substantially" since his last report.

He said: "The workload has increased some 12-fold. This sudden growth brought its own challenges. We are now receiving 600 or more appeals each week and this number is currently increasing.

"We are probably receiving as many appeals, if not more, as the Road User Charging Appeals Tribunal, the England and Wales Traffic Penalty Tribunal, the Scottish Parking Appeals Service and the Northern Ireland Traffic Penalty Tribunal combined."

The AA and the British Parking Association have both campaigned for the government to regulate private parking enforcement.

While the government stopped short of this measure, a change to the law meant that from October 2012, enforcement action can no longer involve use of a wheel clamp or vehicle removal. Most infringements are dealt with by issuing parking charge notices.

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